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HIRING: Estimator/Project Manager

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Interlaken, Inc. is a growing, Certified WBE/DBE Site and Utility Excavation firm seeking a Construction Estimator/Project Manager with commercial, residential and municipal estimating experience. Our office is located in West Gresham with projects throughout the greater Portland/Metro area. Projects range from 100k – 1M. We are looking for an experienced individual with a positive attitude and [...]

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Sewer Level Monitoring

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The City of Portland has contracted with Interlaken to complete the ESCSO Communications and Control Sewer Level Monitoring project. This project consists of installing monitoring equipment at two sites so the Bureau of Environmental Services can oversee sewer level flows. Here are a few pictures of the site at SE 22nd and Lambert near Sellwood. We are [...]

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

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Interlaken, Inc. was the apparent low bidder on the City of Portland Annual Sewer Improvements for Non-conforming Sewer Conversions. This type of contract is key to generating a more dynamic work schedule for Interlaken and it's employees. To read more about non-conforming sewers click here. This work will mainly consist of residential lateral installations and small [...]

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