I came across this article in the DJC… how does your company manage it’s Social Media accounts?

Article Credit: DJC of Oregon by Elaine Volpe
One of my favorite clients is Ken McLarty of Tenacious Training & Events and Series 33 Triathlon. Being the seasoned athlete that he is, this guy knows how to transform anyone into a triathlete within 10-12 weeks.
One of the reasons I love working with Ken is because of his approach to improvement: focused objectives, weekly action items, and a mix of short-term and long-term milestones.
When his business recently picked up around the start of the new year (big surprise, huh?), it naturally got me thinking about marketing and social media … If you hired me as your trainer, what would I do to help get you into social media marketing shape?
When it comes to resolutions, it’s best to have realistic, achievable goals. So, here are some basic tactics to get your social media marketing where it needs to be in 2014.
Build a solid foundation
Make sure all of your social media profiles are consistent and relevant. For example, if your Facebook business page is listed as a “business service,” make sure your LinkedIn business page also is listed as a “business service.” If your website lists you as the founder and CEO of your company, make sure your personal Twitter and LinkedIn accounts say the same.
Also, each profile should have a call to action. The profile should direct new followers to your preferred platform and manage their expectations on how you’ll engage with them. For example, if you aren’t on Twitter, direct people to where they can connect with you – like email or Facebook.
Each social media profile is a digital asset. Ensuring that all of your digital assets are consistent builds a stronger brand, improves your search engine optimization (SEO), and ultimately helps educate and grow your audience.
Set a realistic routine
Updating multiple social media platforms can take time and quickly become overwhelming. If posting to social media does not come naturally to you, start by dedicating one day a week to this area. Dedicating one hour to research and collect content, and another half hour to schedule messages for the rest of the week goes a long way.
Follow up with a smaller block of time to respond with any interactions your posts inspire. The more you stick to the routine, the easier it will become. Third-party software like HootSuite and TweetDeck also allows you to manage and schedule posts across multiple social media platforms.
Experiment by building routine into your posts, such as Trivia Tuesday, Throwback Thursday, and Blog Article Friday. This approach makes your content easier to create and more approachable for your audiences.
Need more support? Find a social media buddy. Just like a gym buddy, this friend/colleague can help you brainstorm, search for content, and develop your “online voice.” Social media marketing is meant to be social, so why not make it as social as possible?
Push yourself
Now that you have a solid foundation and routine in place, push yourself to try new tactics. Try posting more frequently, or posting content aimed specifically at sparking a conversation. Experiment by creating your own meme or graphics interchange format (GIF). Reach out to a new person you’ve always wanted to connect with.
Similar to a fitness routine, as you hit a plateau with social media marketing, challenge yourself to change your tactics and expand your skill set.
Measure results
Regularly check your growth and results on social media. Whether it’s measuring the number of new followers, the number of posts or the increase in engagement, take time to evaluate your results, see how they measure up to your goals, and then refocus from there.
Social media is all about experimentation. Have fun with these tips, and tap into others for help. Good luck hitting your social media goals!

Elaine Volpe co-owns and operates KEEL Creative, a social media marketing and design firm. Contact her at elaine@keelcreative.com. She also is a member of American Marketing Association PDX. Learn more at www.ama-pdx.org.