Interlaken recently attended an outreach event organized by the City of Portland that included presentations from Prime Contractors and City of Portland Project Managers. The focus of the event was to connect Small Businesses with construction opportunities. It was an insightful and informative networking opportunity.

The Prime Contractor speakers included representatives from Howard S. Wright, Walsh Construction, Hoffman Construction, and SSC Construction. Each prime laid out their upcoming project schedules and also explained the best way to get in contact and start working for them.

The City of Portland also had representatives from three different bureaus including, Portland Water Bureau, Environmental Services, and Parks and Recreation. The City distributed their project forcasting calandar as well as disussed projects that are shovel ready.

Interlaken is working on submitting pre-qualification applications for the Prime Contractors that were in attendence as well as updating our estimating department on the upcoming constructin opportunities. We are looking forward to digging some of these shovel ready projects!