Is NWUCA the right fit for YOU?

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Being a part of the North West Utility Contractors Association has led to project opportunities, professional growth, and access to benefits not easily obtained in the construction industry. Take a look at the clip and see if being a part of this fun, successful organization is the right move for your company.

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Social Media and Your Business

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I came across this article in the DJC... how does your company manage it's Social Media accounts? Article Credit: DJC of Oregon by Elaine Volpe One of my favorite clients is Ken McLarty of Tenacious Training & Events and Series 33 Triathlon. Being the seasoned athlete that he is, this guy knows how to transform anyone [...]

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Oregon-Columbia Laborers Apprenticeship Program

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The Oregon-Columbia Laborers Apprenticeship Program is currently accepting applications for Laborer Apprentices. The deadline for applications is March 14, 2014. If you are interested in starting a career in construction the Laborers Apprenticeship program is a perfect introduction to the field. The program is administered through the Northwest College of Construction and provides approximately 4,000 hours [...]

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City of Portland Small Business Construction Program

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As you may know Interlaken was an active contractor in the City of Portland's Sheltered Market Program. All participants of that program were graduated out in October of 2011 and the City is in the process of creating a new program to correct issues the disparity study identified. The disparity study pointed out City construction projects awarded had a lack of [...]

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Site Specific Safety Plan Training

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Interlaken attended a City of Portland training session on how to properly develop a Site Specific Safety Plan. Pat Darby, a Construction Safety Manager,  and Bryan Davis, a Construction Safety Specialist, with the City of Portland Bureau of Evironmental Services taught the class on key points regarding an S.S.S.P. and led us through an excercise where we created a sample Job [...]

Sheltered Market Program Graduation

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On October 7, 2011 the City of Portland graduated all of the participants of the Sheltered Market Program (SMP.) The graduation was held at Casa Colma and was attended by most of the SMP. The City is restructuring the program and is in the process of developing a new system for encouraging growth for women, minority [...]

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Turner School of Construction Management

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I'm taking a course offered through Turner Construction Company. Turner is a well respected nation wide general builder who has been in business since 1902. Their Portland, Oregon office has been building throughout the state since 1979. Turner offers a Construction Management School that is primarily used as an outreach to Emerging Small Businesses, Women Business [...]

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