IRemoving Shoring at Lateral InstallationExcavating for a Sewer Service Lateralnterlaken is working on a City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services sewer extension project in SE Portland. The project encompasses sewer mainline and service installation within two separate blocks in SE Portland.  In total we will install 154 feet of 8″ sewer mainline and 3 service laterals in SE 13th Ave. and 177 feet of 12″ sewer mainline, 127 feet of 8″ sewer mainline and 6 service laterals in SE 14th Ave. Here are some images of installing two of the service laterals in SE 13th today.  Some of the challenges Interlaken has faced with this project included working around multiple utility crossings, and coordinating with other utility bureaus, and also the projects proximity to a nearby elementary school. So far this project has progressed smoothly. The project should wrap up sometime in early December.