Sewer Taps

Sewer Tap in Portland, OR

SewerInterlaken, Inc. can also excavate and install new sanitary service laterals to commercial and residential properties. Whether you are dealing with new construction, building remodel, or party sewer separation Interlaken, Inc. has the tools and know how to install a new sewer lateral from the public sanitary sewer main to your property.

Trusted by the City of Portland

We are approved by the City of Portland Bureau of Maintenance to perform sewer taps on the City’s mainline because we are professional, reliable and have adequate experience with this type of sanitary solution.

A sewer tap is basically exactly what it sounds like. For example, if you are building a new home or developing a commercial property there may not be an existing sanitary “branch” off of the mainline to service your property. Interlaken, Inc. can investigate the City of Portland’s sewer records to see if a “branch” is available.

If there is not a sewer “branch” available Interlaken, Inc. will excavate in the street and tap the sanitary mainline, bringing sanitary sewer service lateral to your property line.