Sewer Scopes

Portland Oregon’s Sewer Scope Provider

Sewer Scopes

Interlaken, Inc. provides sewer scopes and video inspections in Portland, Oregon. Often times a sanitary sewer line or other utility line must be inspected and located in order to know if it needs replacing. This is valuable to homeowners, realtors, businesses, and municipalities.

Interlaken, Inc. is able to provide a digital copy of your sewer line using the latest technology of Ridged products and Ridged Connects online job reporting capabilities.

Home Inspection

Homeowners and Realtors alike can use this valuable sewer scope information as a part of a typical home inspection in order to purchase or sell a home.

Municipalities often utilize sewer scope information to verify a sanitary sewer connection or non-conforming sewer situation. Sewer Scopes can also be helpful when locating and diagnosing problems such as blockages in the line and unknown locations of sanitary sewer lines.

Locating and Diagnosing

The Portland area is full of older homes that do not have adequate sanitary sewer records. Interlaken, Inc. is able to scope a line and locate where it lies on the property and provide that information to the homeowner. This is helpful when homeowners are remodeling or are adding on to their home and they do not want to build over the top of underground sanitary sewer lines, septic systems or drain fields.