Sanitary Septic Systems

Rural Gresham, Sandy, Damascus, Boring Septic System Installer

Interlaken, Inc. can design and install septic systems as a solution to your sanitary sewer needs. Septic Systems are required when the public sanitary sewer is not available in your area. Many suburbs of the Portland area are on septic systems.

Depending on a sites needs and location in the Portland metropolitan area Interlaken, Inc. can work closely with the homeowner to come to a viable solution that complies with local laws and DEQ enforcement agencies.

Types of Septic Systems

Basic Gravity Feed Septic System
• A gravity feed system is the most basic and common system. A septic tank is installed which separates the solids from the effluent and the effluent is dispersed out into a drain field. These systems are easy to install and work great when there are no space or soil restrictions at your site.
Sand Filter Septic System
• Sand Filter Systems are more common when the soil at a site is not conducive to performing the secondary treatment necessary from the drain field. This method is also used in areas that have high or perched water tables and when space in a constraint.
 Advanced Treatment Technology Septic System
• ATT Systems are an advanced type of technology and are used in areas where space is at a premium and there are Department of Environmental Quality and soil restrictions. Basically a tank, pump and filter system are installed and the effluent is dispersed into the drain field.
• Many areas of the country allow homeowners and businesses to irrigate with the effluent once it has been treated though the ATT system because of the intense filtering process. However, Oregon does not allow this form of irrigation. Visit a more in depth overview of an Advanced Treatment System which outlines residential and commercial applications.

Advanced Treatment System Installed in Rural Gresham. Advantex Filter Pod and 1500 Gallon Processing Tank with 500 gallon Dosing Tank and Pump.