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Portland Oregon’s Party Sewer Line Solution

Sewer DrainInterlaken, Inc. is also experienced in party sewer line separation, which is an example of a non-conforming sewer line in the City of Portland, OR. A sanitary sewer line that is shared by two or more properties before entering the City of Portland Public Sanitary Sewer Mainline is considered a Party Sewer. The City of Portland has been researching old sewer records and is enforcing the separation of party sewers in the City. As per the City of Portland’s website:

“The Non-conforming Sewer Program is a comprehensive plan to replace non-conforming sewer connections with sewer connections that conform with applicable plumbing and city codes. Many people who own property with a non-conforming sewer connection are not aware of it, which can create unexpected public health risks, and legal and financial problems. The failure of a non-conforming sewer pipe can create conflict between property owners, or prevent owners from making improvements on their property. Discovery of a non-conforming sewer during a real estate transaction can jeopardize the sale.”

This is because the City requires that if a sewer problem arises or one of the houses on the party sewer is being sold the lines must be separated. The City of Portland website on non conforming sewers gives a good diagram to better explain what a party sewer is:

“Party sewers and private sewers in the public right of way are common types of non-conforming sewer connections. Party sewers are connections to the public sewer shared by two or more properties (see diagrams 1-2). If a public sewer is available, bringing your sewer connection up to current code requirements is often as simple as hiring a contractor to replace your shared party sewer line connection with an independent sewer connection via an approved route of service to the existing public sewer system. Typically, property owners have six months to complete the work.”

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Party Sewer Connection

Interlaken, Inc. can investigate, provide solutions and supply free estimates to alleviate non-conforming sewers and party sewer issues. We also work closely with the City of Portland to ensure that the homeowner is in complete compliance to current code requirements.