Drainage Solutions

Rain Drain, Water Intrusion, Drywell and Bioswale Installation in PDX


Rain Drain Removal and Replacement

Interlaken, Inc. is capable of replacing your rain drains connected to your building. We are experienced in troubleshooting rain drain issues. Interlaken can install new p-traps, excavate french drain systems to divert water from your foundation or design custom systems to facilitate your drainage needs.

Water Intrusion

Interlaken has experience solving water intrusion issues. Diverting water from your building or draining a soggy spot in your landscaping or yard, no job is too small or large for us to manage successfully.

Drywell Installation

Installing drywells to alleviate drainage issues is a common practice in commercial parking lots and streets. This method of drainage can also be applied to the residential client. Driveways and parking areas or rural home sites can often benefit from the integration of a drywell to collect rain and surface water.


A bioswale is another method used to collect rain and surface water. They are often installed in parking strips or parking lots. However, residential applications of this technique are also common. A bioswale can create a unique focal point in your landscaping while eliminating wet problem areas in your landscape.

Bioswales are a “green approach” and an eco-friendly solution for an abundance of rain and surface water issues.